The day dawned, rainy and dull. I looked out of the window, a cup of tea in my hand, savouring a rare but welcome bit of leisure.

“Life wasn’t like this before, surely,” I thought. “It was just that I didn’t appreciate it.” I looked at my 3 month old baby sleeping. A smile automatically plastered itself on my face. Yes, life had changed, but I was happy.

But instead of rambling on, let me introduce myself. I’m a 31 year old woman, homemaker and a new mother. But a few years ago, I was neither. The age is, of course, self-explanatory. I wasn’t married till last year and wasn’t a mother till 3 months before.

Oh! How life had changed! I was a working woman. Irregular work hours and unattainable deadlines made my home life almost non-existent. Sundays were for sleeping, cleaning and (if time allowed) socialising. By that time, I had sorted out my friends. I didn’t have a whole gang; only a few close ones, who understood me and my erratic schedule.

And then I fell in love.

Long story short, I resigned from my job and I soon became a wife and mother.

But in all this, I seem to have lost myself. What was an ambitious working woman looking forward to a promotion at work, I am now a homemaker, worrying about what will be the menu for dinner. From meeting deadlines and working for 18 hours a day and surviving on endless cups of coffee, I think about when I will get some unbroken sleep.

No one forced me to do this. I did all this myself. I took informed decisions. Then why am i missing those days? Why do I think of working in a corporate office with longing?

Don’t take me wrong, I am not saying that homemakers are inferior; in fact, the contrary, as I learnt the hard way. Maybe I’m made that way. But it seems to me that life has changed so drastically that it is nearly impossible to recognise myself.

Is this just me or is there anyone else who feels this way? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

But now I have got to run. My baby needs me. Have a great day!


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