What I learned from Harry Potter

What I learned from Harry Potter

Harry Potter. How many times have I read the books of this amazing world of wizards and witches and the things they can do with a flick of their wands. And then, I see the amount of washing I have to do. All by myself. Without magic. Ah, well! You can’t have everything.

However, I learnt quite a few things from the series as well which are applicable to Muggles too.

1. Make few friends, but make them your best ones.

What would Harry have done without Ron and Hermione? Right from playing chess to completing homework to fighting He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, they were Harry’s backbone. Also, if your bestie has a brother/sister (according to your preferences), it is a bonus!

2. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

Oh! You wise man, Dumbledore! Let me put down this book and do the washing (mentioned above, if you read carefully).

3. Enemies are needed to spice up life.

Would Harry Potter be complete without Lord Voldemort? Or even Draco Malfoy? Too much goodness leads to diabetes.

4. Don’t take people at face value.

Severus Snape. ’nuff said.

5. Keep a pet. Or many pets.

Whether it is Hedwig or Crookshanks, pets serve one purpose only: giving us joy.

6. Fight depression.

Depression is, after all, only the presence of dementors near you. Don’t let those bloody creatures suck out your soul.

7. Pursue the things you are good at.

This is a no-brainer; yet it is surprising how many of us ignore this. Think Harry and Quidditch. Or Fred and George and mischief-making.

8. Have a go-to person in your life.

Or a 3 a.m. friend. Call them whatever you like, just keep them near you. Sirius and Dumbledore were Harry’s people. See what happened when they left him. And there was Hagrid!

9. Love your family.

Love your family. Be like the Weasleys. Or think how much Hagrid did for Grawp. Another no-brainer. But don’t go rogue like Percy.

10. Learn.

Everyone may not have a Hermione in their lives. But paying attention to details and learning new things has never been bad for anyone.

Now going on a Harry Potter reading binge!! Yussss!!


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