The things I do for a cup of coffee

The things I do for a cup of coffee

Now, let me start off with a disclaimer. I love coffee. I mean I. Love. Coffee. I’m nothing without coffee.

The other day, while we were waiting in line to access the coffee machine at our workplace, I was dreaming (literally dreaming, I was that sleepy that morning), about that perfect cup of steaming, foamy, frothy coffee, which would propel me into reality the moment I took a glorious sip. Ah! The taste! The smell!

But, it seems that life and the coffee machine had different plans in mind for me. No sooner had I reached there and triumphantly pressed the button for coffee, the machine issued out a weird grinding sound and the electronic display showed me my worst nightmare, “Cannot process your request! Please select another option!”

I looked at it in horror. I couldn’t believe it! How had this happened? Who was in charge of this job and why hadn’t they done it? And the foremost question on my mind was, how was I going to function today?

The person behind me made an impatient clicking sound which brought me down to earth. Nevertheless, the questions lingered. I shot an annoyed look at him, as though he had caused the machine to stop working properly. I didn’t move. I looked around as though someone would swoop down on the machine and set it right. No one came. The person made the clicking sound again and also cleared his throat.

This was becoming ridiculous. I couldn’t stand there indefinitely. But I couldn’t move away without coffee either. What should I do? I was stranded.

Thankfully at that time, my friend showed up there. She understood, by one look at my befuddled expression and my inability to articulate into words the horror I was facing, that I was unable to move or otherwise take a decision. She took the decision for me. She came quickly, pressed the button for milk, and as hot milk poured into the cup, dunked in a teabag, clutched my hand and pulled me out of the way. I shot a look at the impatient man behind me; he seemed relieved.

My friend, then made me sit down at a table, and handed me the cup of tea. She started laughing, as I was sitting with my head in my hands. She coaxed me into having the tea. I had it. Needless to say, it did not cut it. Consequently, the day was most unproductive and ended up with my team leader and teammates angry at me and me nearly in tears by the end of the day. A whole lot of time was further wasted by trips to the coffee machine, only to find that it had broken down completely.

Finally, when I came home, I made myself a piping hot cup of coffee and as I took the first sip, I relaxed and smiled for the first time that day!


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