Baby wearing and us

Baby wearing and us

Baby was especially cranky that day. Couldn’t do any work. Went without lunch, and, had hub not stepped in, would have gone without dinner too. I did what I do best these days – searched the internet for a solution.

There it was! Baby wearing! It was the answer to all our problems. I could work, bub would be happy. It was indeed a win-win situation. A talk with a baby wearing educator convinced me.

I looked up some tutorials on YouTube. I was doubtful at first. YouTube said a saree would work. The educator said that too. Had to make do, didn’t have a carrier yet.

Next morning, bub and me were tied together, both of us so happy to be there. I went about my work while bub slumbered and gave me sleepy smiles during intervals.

Then the well-wishers had to go and spoil it all.

“How will he be independent?” they asked. “How will he complete his milestones?” they asked.

I was vexed. Here I was, happy that bub and I were finally going to start having a fantastic time together, and there they were, pouring cold water over all my plans.

Internet came to the rescue again! I read that baby wearing led to growth in babies’ mental development. It results in happier babies. They DO complete their milestones no matter what.

That was the push I needed. I ordered a wrap for us and started wearing bub in earnest. And I did another thing too – I shut off the ‘well-wishers’ from my mind and my home.

Aren’t we a happy momma’s boy now!!


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