The Birthday Gift

The Birthday Gift

‘Twas my birthday yesterday. Now let me tell you, I am a complete baby when it comes to birthdays. Come December, and I start dancing around because hey! it is my birthday month! I remind people around me about it. Seriously, I am not worried about gifts. But I want people close to me to remember and wish me and I get upset if someone doesn’t!!

This year was different, though. It was my first birthday after becoming a mom to P.

The day started as usual went on as usual as well. But I got an awesome gift. Not from my hub or my friends. But the gift was from…P!

When he woke up in the morning, he just looked at me and gave me a toothless grin. The grin continued well into the day – when I was wearing him, cooking and cleaning, while bathing and while nursing too. He kept giving me these cute little smiles.

Even thinking about them now is making me so happy.

What is the best gift you received on your birthday?


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