8 Ways to Wear Regular Outfits but Look Modern

8 Ways to Wear Regular Outfits but Look Modern

Bored of your regular clothes? Thinking of going on a shopping trip to totally stock up a new wardrobe?


Before you throw away that boring white shirt, here are a few ideas what you can do with your regular clothes to look stylish. Easy on the pocket too!

1.  Belt it up:

A belt can transform a boring outfit into an interesting one. Place a wide,sassy belt on your waist and you are done.

2. Watch your way:

Just strap on a huge dialled watch or a dainty one. Get converted into a diva.

3. Glaring example:

Complete your look with a pair of sunglasses. Nothing spells oomph as much!

4. Accessories:

An elegant necklace? Yes! A teeny tiny bracelet glinting on your wrist? Superb! You can hardly go wrong when you have these saviours with you. Don’t over-accessorize, though. Just a few pieces, and you are done!

5. Bags:

A bag can make or break an outfit. Carry a clutch/purse in a neutral colour. It instantly gives a classy look to the carrier.

6. Shoes:

OK so this is self-explanatory. While colourful ballerinas and sneakers can spice up jeans and a plain t-shirt, heels give your legs an awesome shape and you a good posture. See you rushing off to the shoe store already!!

7. Crowning glory:

Every woman’s pride and joy! Just twist it up into an untidy bun or braid it or tie it up in a ponytail or leave it loose..The options are endless and the end result is awesome!

8. Make up:

A simple dash of lipstick or a line of Kohl can do wonders to your beauty. Use pinks for softer lips, reds for sensuous ones. Just go out and see the difference!

Rummage through your wardrobe. What is the white shirt doing at the back? Pull it out. Mix and match. Get contrast dupattas and team it up with your jeans and tee. Ditch your jeans for a tie-and-die skirt.. endless possibilities. Just go for it! Tell us what you did!


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