Nobody can be positive all the time.

Even the most positive person. Even the motivator. Even the leader.

Negative thoughts do come. They creep upon you noiselessly, when you are looking elsewhere. Then they grab you with their long fingers. And they try their best to pull you down.

What do you do then? How do you fight back? Or do you allow yourself to be pulled down in an abyss?

There’s a thin line between thinking negative thoughts and going into depression. Many do not realise the difference. For one in depression, any day is just like another, full of negative thoughts.

Let’s make a conscious effort to pull ourselves up. Look at the mirror, the first thing in the morning, while brushing your teeth, smile and say “Good morning, have a wonderful day!” to your reflection. Smile at random people throughout the day. They may not smile back, but for you, a smile will do wonders.

Call your friends, relatives who make you happy. Talk. Share.

Surround yourself with positive people. Easier said than done. Not impossible though.

When everyone has slept, take out some time for yourself. Recollect the day. Throw away negative actions. Revel in the positive ones. If possible, write it up in a diary. 

Meditate. Just sit in a quiet corner of your home and concentrate on your breathing. Take deep breaths. Concentrate. Empty your mind.

Keep yourself fit. A healthy body is home to a happy mind. Eat healthy, sleep well, exercise. 

All this said, if you have been continuously having negative thoughts for more then a week (yes, suicidal thoughts count too,) then you need to get professional help.

But if, throughout the day, you have even a single positive thought, hold on to it. It is your ray of sunshine, your silver lining. Just pull it closer to you. Break negativity’s grip. Not easy, yes, but not impossible.

Just remember, you have one life. Live it on your terms!


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