Yet another Valentine’s Day!

Yet another Valentine’s Day!

So, Valentine’s Day came and went as usual. No change in our lives. No roses, no sweet messages, indeed, both of us didn’t even remember that it was 14th, till we saw lovey-dovey messages on our WhatsApp groups. Honestly, we didn’t suffer any loss by not celebrating!

I really don’t understand why Valentine’s Day is so overrated. It is just a day in a year, like any other day. But the buildup is tremendous. What with the hug day and kiss day and teddy day and whatnot, it is like a huge run up before a minor event. 

But why all this? Don’t we love each other on other days? If we don’t express our love on this day, does it mean we don’t love each other? And is love only between partners? What about the love a mother has for her child, a brother for his sister, a girl for her best friend?

There are many irksome things about Valentine’s Day, but these are ones that bother me most:

  1. The buildup – As I already said, the buildup to this day has become unbearable. Even a India-Pakistan match doesn’t have so many people looking forward to it.
  2. Only devoted to couples – What are the singles supposed to do? Hide their face or get a partner just to look good in the crowd?
  3. Goals – Some goals have been set and valentine’s has to celebrated exactly in that way. Includes flowers, dinners etc.
  4. Seeing red – Anything and everything possessing the colour red is super costly that day. Right from red roses, red balloons, red heart pillows, red dresses, letters written in blood..Ok the last one isn’t costly in the money sense..
  5. The onus is on the man – Yes. The man in the relationship should propose, take the girl out on a date, give flowers… Doesn’t the girl love the man? And where’s equality when we need it?
  6. Other relationships are overlooked – No other relationship is as worthwhile as one between partners. Period.
  7. The moral policing – Bad publicity is the best publicity. This is proved time and again by the moral police. By stopping couples from doing what they want (and sometimes, even marrying them off,) they are, in fact, encouraging more and more people to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

All this said, a day to celebrate love is good, when all we hear is violence and hatred stories around us. But please, let us not over-commercialise it and spoil everyone’s enjoyment!


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